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What we do

Scannerd Lab exists to help entrepreneurs and startups boost their revenue by delivering quality apps that convert. Solving real-world problems and boosting people’s productivity are on our agenda.

How we do it

Empathy in Action

We listen to your dreams and convert them into apps. Help you achieve your goals in an unexpected and effective manner.

Unconventional Solution

We identify critical problems and fears which impede your dreams, and come up with a creative solution that gets the job done. Provide opportunities to create uncontested market space.

Intuitive User Experience

We craft UI/UX that customers will just say WOW. Not only solve problems from a functional standpoint, but also engage customers at emotional level.

  • Productivity

    We are eager to put tedious tasks out of your hands. With increasing computing power of smartphones.

  • Habit Forming

    We love to engineer users' habit, gamify challenging tasks, and help users achieve their goals.

  • Lifestyle

    We offer a virtual personal assistant who monitors events as they occur. Leveraging push notification, you will feel like a boss.

We got 99 Problemsbut developing quality apps 'aint one

  • Scannerd

    Track drinking habit with barcode scanning. Fight obesity with mindful drinking and bring awareness of nutrition facts to consumers.


    Collect, aggregate, and visualize statistics obtained from paper-based questionnaires with image processing techniques.


    Relieve teachers of manually grading by automatically scoring students' answer sheets with the help of image processing techniques.


    Record your saving by spending less money. Realize how much you save money more than you can think of.


    Build a community of fashion lovers. Share looks around the world.

    AlertDO Gold

    Collect every change in gold price, notify users when it occurs, and aggregate statistics in a meaningful way for investors.

    AlertDO Portfolio

    Help gold investors record their investment and track their profitability.

    Girls Notify

    Collect feeds from local fashion shops. Provide one-stop gateway for shopping.


    Compile weekly music charts for J-pop & K-pop fans. Enjoy non-spoiler, countdown mode by shaking devices to reveal rankings at your own pace.

Technologies we are familiar with (but not limited to)

⣿ iOS programming ⣿ Google App Engine and Google Cloud Platform with Java, Objectify, and Jersey RESTful APIs ⣿ Web programming with React, Browserify, Gulp, and Google's material design ⣿ Machine learning with R and Python ⣿ Image Processing with OpenCV ⣿ Full-text search with Lucene

Who we are

Team Member

Nimit Pattanasri

Freelance data scientist with a Ph.D. in Social Informatics from Kyoto University. Passionate about data science and artificial intelligence.

Team Member

Tossapol Pattanasri

UI/UX and graphic designer with a strive for simplicity and clarity in design. A creative idea generator machine.

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